About the QPHRA

The Queensland Police Health & Recreation Association Inc., or more commonly known as the QPHRA was established in 1990 to provide equipment for Queensland Police Headquarters Gymnasium. And, 25 years on we're still providing the equipment for the PHQ Gym and expanded to include 30 other Queensland Police Station gyms. The 2015 Fitness Grants scheme will take the total investment of QPHRA into health and fitness equipment for QPS members to over $600 000. 

We are an incorporated not for profit association dedicated solely to the health and fitness of Queensland Police Service members. Our board is made up of QPS members who understand the importance of keeping the men and women who serve and protect us, strong and healthy. 

Any enquiries about the QPHRA can be directed to info@policehealthandfitness.com. 


PHQ Atrium Cafe

The QPHRA manages the PHQ Atrium Cafe. The cafe, located within Queensland Police Headquarters offers healthy, tasty and convenient meals, snacks and of course coffee to the hard workers of the PHQ. 

Exclusive QPS Merchandise

 The QPHRA offers exclusive Queensland Police Service merchandise. Visit the QShop to browse and find that unique present or collectors item such as our limited edition 150year anniversary watches. Limited to 150 watched of each mens and women's and made in Queensland by Australia's only watch making company. We ship internationally.